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enhancing experiences

At Two Beards Coffee, we're more than just roasters; we're artisans crafting experiences with every batch. Nestled in the heart of Swakopmund, Namibia, against the stunning backdrop of the Skeleton Coast, our family-run roastery embodies the fusion of tradition and innovation. Founded by Royden Stanton, fueled by his decades-long love affair with coffee, and joined by his son Mark, a Geohydrologist blending science with artistry, Two Beards Coffee is a testament to passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to quality.

A close-up view of a cup of coffee with intricate latte art, featuring a white pattern on a brown surface, partially visible rim of the cup, and a wooden table background.
Two individuals enjoying coffee together in a cozy indoor setting, the waitress is serving coffee to the one of them seated on a couch, surrounded by warm décor and a touch of greenery.
A coffee featuring fluffy white whipped cream sprinkled with brown spices, with a layer of green crumbles beneath, all presented on a beige surface.

In the vast expanse of Namibia's oldest desert, the Namib, lies a sanctuary of flavour and warmth - Two Beards Coffee. What started as a personal retreat for Royden Stanton, former managing director and passionate roaster, has evolved into a legacy of exceptional coffee experiences. With Mark Stanton's scientific precision complementing Royden's artistic flair, each batch of our 100% Arabica single-origin coffees is a testament to expertise and dedication. From sourcing the finest green coffee across Africa, Central and South America and South East Asia to meticulously roasting them in small batches, we ensure every cup tells a story of craftsmanship and quality. But our commitment goes beyond the bean; it extends to our community, customers, and family. Whether you're exploring our diverse coffee menu, partnering with us for commercial solutions, or stepping into our Coffee House for a sensory journey, Two Beards Coffee invites you to savour more than just a cup; we invite you to savour an experience crafted with love, tradition, and expertise. Welcome to the world of Two Beards Coffee, where every sip celebrates passion and flavour.

A close up detail of fresh ground coffee being added to an aero press before brewing.

Roast Revelations:

Exploring Our Coffee Universe

Indulge in a symphony of flavours at Two Beards Coffee. Dive into our diverse selection from Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Each cup is a harmonious blend of quality, sustainability, and traceability - crafted with passion, and savoured with delight.

Roy and Mark magically scrutinise the brewing process on one of the state-of-the-art roasting machines.

Behind the Brew:

Our Coffee Odyssey

Embark on Two Beards Coffee's odyssey, where father and son unite amidst Namibia's ancient desert. Discover a narrative blending passion and science, weaving artisanal roasts and unparalleled flavours. Join us in unravelling our tale - a rich tapestry of tradition, innovation, and boundless love for exceptional coffee.

A spoon is submerged into the freshly prepared tasting sample for quality control.

Brewing Brilliance:

Unveiling Coffee Alchemy

Unlock the secrets of perfect brews with Two Beards Coffee. Dive into our guide to brewing methods, where every step is a journey in alchemy. From Aeropress adventures to Chemex delights, explore the art and science of crafting your perfect cup.

What a gem! A father and son team passionate about coffee. They have a very large variety of coffees and home roast and blend on site. These guys really know their coffee. If you are a coffee fan and in Swakopmund, a visit to Two Beards is a must!

- PJ -

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A freshly poured coffee against green foliage.
Hot water is being poured into a coffee filter system.

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Two beards coffee bags against the subtle tones of the Namib desert.