Our Roasters

Equipment and high grade green coffee beans are essential to any speciality coffee roaster.  At Two Beards Coffee we strive to provide excellent coffee for the discerning coffee lover.  Allow us to introduce you to the rest of the team...


It all started here.  The dream 'finally happened' (Bari - Turkish origin),  the first roast on the 21st of March 2012 with Guatemala Antigua Pulcal.  Bari is a Toper Cafemino 1kg gas roaster from Turkey.  As the years have passed so Bari shares more and more wisdom refining our speciality coffees to what they are today. 


Shemesh (Hebrew origin meaning 'sun') is deemed the 'most advanced shop roaster in the world',  A Coffee-Tech Engineering Solar 2kg electric roaster from Israel, Shemesh is our shining light that excels in producing consistent, high quality roasts.


The 'jet' in Hebrew.  Silon ZR-7 is our pride and joy!  A work of art.  Specifically designed for the artisan roaster, Coffee-Tech Engineering 'crafted Silon ZR-7 to be the crown jewel of your coffee-roasting practice, right at the center of your atelier' which is exactly the status this incredible machine holds in our establishment.


Avirnaki (Hebrew origin meaning 'clean air') is an electrostatic smoke elimination system.  Namibia's unique and relatively pristine environment is a place of great value to us here at Two Beards.  Avirnaki's cleansing of the air the roasters output, is one of the ways we strive towards ensuring we have as small an environmental impact as possible. See here for more info on the positive environmental affects of Avirnaki.